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First Byte Time “FBT” findings and research results
07-24-2015, 06:33 AM
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RE: First Byte Time “FBT” findings and research results
OK, you've identified the problems, but haven't really addressed how to improve stuff...

There are major two avenues you need to investigate to improve the TTFB performance of your site:

a) Server configuration
b) Code quality

The basic mantra for tuning a server is to keep disk access to a minimum as it's really, really slow. This means using memory as possible: database caches work well ( because the vast majority of your accesses are read only ), place heavily used files on tmpfs partitions, and so on. Make sure your server-side processing is cached as much as possible - APC for olderr versions of PHP can make a big difference. If your server has plenty of spare memory, then it will be used to buffer disk IO which will also help.

The only real way to identify bottlenecks is to monitor the server in production use: find one, fix it, and there will ( *always* ) be another to identify. Eventually you'll get to a place where only a 'hardware' upgrade will help. That's when you've won. For now. Don't forget things will change as database tables fill, the site changes, etc.

Code quality is something that is falling all the time IMO. Not only is code poorly written, leading to poor performance, but in this plugin age, one from Joe Bloggs may cripple one written by Bill Smith, which is really annoying. Best plan is to use a test site, remove all plugins, and profile performance as they are added back in. Who cares if it looks a mess while you're doing it - nobody is looking!

You normally find that the core CMS is clean and fast - this is the stuff that's written by people who fully understand the codebase. Plugins on the other hand have far less in terms of quality control!
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