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CDN List - Affordable and Effective CDN Websites
06-21-2010, 03:34 PM
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RE: CDN List - Affordable and Effective CDN Websites
Hey there,

I have some questions about the maxCDN service.

1. I see the price for 1,000 GB bandwidth is on sale for $39.95. What happens if I do not use the 1,000 GB in a single month. Does the remainder carry over to the next month and so on?

2. Once the 1,000 GB bandwidth is used up, can I purchase additional GBs for 3.9 cents / gigabyte or does it raise to 10 cents / gigabyte? The $99 dollars that is crossed out has me a little confused.

3. I have my own server with over a TB storage. Can I use my own server for storage or am i required to use their servers for storage?

4. I was looking over the terms of service. I seen a part where it says my overall bandwidth usage can not be less than or equal to 8 Mb/s. Does this mean my bandwidth has to be at least 2494 GB per month in order to use your services? What happens if my bandwidth does not exceed this amount yet? If my math is wrong on the minimum bandwidth usage, please correct me.

"(d) Customer's overall monthly bandwidth usage is not less than or the equivalent of 8 Mb/s."

I found on wiki a Mb/s is equal to 125,000 bytes per second so 8 of those would be 1,000,000 bytes per second.

1,000,000 bytes / second * 60 second / 1 min * 60 min / 1 hour * 24 hour / 1 day * 31 day / month * 1 GB / 1,073,741,824 bytes = 2494 GB / month

5. Is there a way for customers to monitor their bandwidth usage through your service?

6. Would I need to make any changes code-wise in order to get your services working with my website? Is there a guide for installation so I can see how difficult it would be to get this working?

On another note, I had some questions which I found answers to that other people might want to know.

There is a maxCDN affiliate program here:

Edge Location List here:

Travis Walters
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