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Any interest in using WPTMonitor with your WebPagetest installation?
12-28-2016, 08:37 PM
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RE: Any interest in using WPTMonitor with your WebPagetest installation?
Hi @asperkins and @pmeenan

I'm just giving a feedback about that could interest you, now that I fully deployed it : it would be the perfect complement to WPT Monitor, as it goes really deeper in the visualization field, and because it's all configurable if you know grafana, so you can extract and graph far more from a WPT test than just the basic metrics.
However the scheduling is almost absent : to program tests, you just use the cron and CLI and JSON files …

I miss the scheduling UI of WPT Monitor :
- separate scheduling and connection parameters, per job
- scripts allowed to use WPT scripting or simple URls
- folders to re-arrange jobs and script
- notes, with the time markers that can appear on the graphes
- filmstrip comparison, pause the jobs, WPT queue status

WPT Monitor lacks maybe a refresh on the UI side and a Docker image for easy deploy and setup. I feel there is still a need but I did not yet gave a chance to the projects quoted above in this thread (they seem to lack either WPT scripts either filmstrip comparison or WPT queue status). So I will probably continue to use it but I will modify it for it to drive

Tony, what are your plans after all ?

Jean-pierre VINCENT
Fork of WPT monitor private instance :
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