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Mobile Performance Testing - pmeenan - 02-11-2011 04:11 AM

This is totally awesome! Blaze just launched a free mobile testing service that lets you run your performance tests on real physical devices: http://www.blaze.io/technical/blaze-mobile-intro/

You get a lot of the things you're used to seeing here - Waterfalls, video, etc.

They built it on top of a modified WebPagetest instance - love to see the community innovating and extending the platform.

Be gentile and don't all crush their service at the same time :-)

RE: Mobile Performance Testing - cliff.crocker@gmail.com - 05-14-2011 03:17 PM

I know this post is from Feb., but is there a public test location we can use yet through your API? That would be super - would love to see a global set of mobile test devices!!!

RE: Mobile Performance Testing - pmeenan - 05-17-2011 02:07 AM

Not yet. We have plans to start looking into creating open-source mobile agents in Q3 so hopefully by the end of the year. With any luck it will be like the Chrome release where we can release it incrementally as we add functionality.

RE: Mobile Performance Testing - KaEx - 12-29-2011 02:21 AM

Thanks a lot.. Waiting for your other public test locations.

RE: Mobile Performance Testing - 10Remedies - 09-17-2015 06:43 AM

Patrick Site seems to be down. Checked both the link and direct home page but get 403 error.. JFI