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Problem dispaying results - lowermill - 04-07-2010 11:15 PM

I have installed the hosted version and have it up and running but am having a problem displaying results (I just get red crosses). See attached.

I get the same problem with comparisons: the screenshots are not displayed although the video works.

It is worth mentioning that PHP and Apache are installed on drive E:\ but the web site is on C:\. It is all running on a VM.

You can see the URL at the top of the page and the url for the waterfall link (for example) is: .../result/100407_12/1/details/

I guess this should be linking to this directory:
C:\Web Site\content\results\10\04\07\12

which has:
4/07/2010 02:12 PM <DIR> .
04/07/2010 02:12 PM <DIR> ..
11/30/1979 12:00 AM 1,468 1_IEWPG.txt
11/30/1979 12:00 AM 29,632 1_IEWTR.txt
11/30/1979 12:00 AM 39,319 1_optimization.txt
11/30/1979 12:00 AM 679 1_progress.csv
11/30/1979 12:00 AM 108,621 1_report.txt
04/07/2010 01:56 PM 71,497 1_screen.jpg
04/07/2010 01:56 PM 21,181 1_screen_doc.jpg
04/07/2010 01:56 PM 18,007 1_screen_render.jpg
04/07/2010 02:12 PM 0 dirlist.txt
04/07/2010 01:56 PM 183 testinfo.ini
04/07/2010 01:56 PM 20 url.txt

Hope you can help.


RE: Problem dispaying results - pmeenan - 04-07-2010 11:42 PM

Do you have the GD2 library enabled for your PHP install? Recent installs have started to default to not enabling any of the extensions (used to be a lot easier when they were all enabled by default).

GD is needed to create the thumbnails and to draw the waterfalls/checklists. Should be as easy as enabling it in your php.ini and then it will all work.

I would expect that the filmstrip view of the video recording also doesn't work since those thumbnails are also generated dynamically with GD.

RE: Problem dispaying results - lowermill - 04-08-2010 01:39 AM

Many thanks, that has sorted it.

I noticed that the PHP (Windows install 5.2.13) did not include the ext directory (deposite chosing it as an install option) and so I did not have the gd dll installed at all. found this directory in the zip install on the php site. With the file and the ini update, I am sorted.

Thanks again,