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Total Tests: 3, Being Tested: 0 - truszko1 - 09-09-2015 03:56 PM

Following this: https://github.com/WPO-Foundation/webpagetest/blob/master/docs/EC2/Server%20AMI.md, I spun up the "us-east-1: ami-fcfd6194" ec2 instance. I gave it appropriate permissions. When I went to its IP in a browser, I got the WebPageTest Private Instance page. I scheduled one test from the UI, and I saw an m3.medium instance get created, but that's it... tests are not progressing. This is the call made:

"GET /runtest.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&location=us-east-1%3AChrome.Cable&connectivity=Cable&runs=1&video=1&private=1&f=json&k=somerandomkey HTTP/1.1" 200 280 "-" "-"

getLocations.php page shows Total Tests: 3, High Priority: 1, and Being Tested: 0.

I did not modify any files other than settings.ini to provide the keys.

What am I missing? I thought I was following the documentation...

RE: Total Tests: 3, Being Tested: 0 - pmeenan - 09-09-2015 11:02 PM

Does getTesters.php show the new agent connecting? Any chance the server was spun up in a network that isn't reachable from the new instance?

RE: Total Tests: 3, Being Tested: 0 - truszko1 - 09-10-2015 12:43 AM

getTesters.php shows all agents highlighted in yellow. My instance's security group allows all inbound traffic, from all sources (just for the sake of checking). I checked 'user data' for the WebPagetest Agent that spun up, and the wpt server ip is correct.

I take it all back... my instance's security group did NOT allow all traffic. Once I fixed that, all tests runs beautifully. Thanks, Patrick. That was my problem.