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setDns not working - Beauco - 04-25-2014 07:10 PM

Hi guys,

I've used setDns many times in the past, but now for some reason it doesn't appear to be working.

The script:
setDns img-uat.g-star.com
setDns static-uat.g-star.com
setDns uat-aws2.g-star.com
navigate http://uat-aws2.g-star.com/nl_nl/

Any idea what's wrong?
Is it the hyphens?



RE: setDns not working - pmeenan - 04-29-2014 05:02 AM

What browser? Any chance you have a link to the test result? The hyphens shouldn't matter but I'll need to see which codebase the problem is happening in to reproduce and debug it. As far as I know it should still be working fine.

RE: setDns not working - Beauco - 05-02-2014 12:48 AM

Hi Patrick,

any browser really.
I've tested from Amsterdam with IE and Chrome:


And also from our Private Instance.

If you add the mentioned entries to your hosts file, it works fine from your own PC.