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Akamai Versus NetDNA/MaxCDN
10-18-2011, 03:23 AM (This post was last modified: 10-18-2011 03:28 AM by jarrod1937.)
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RE: Akamai Versus NetDNA/MaxCDN
Ok, after a string of DNS issues (on our end), I was finally able to get to the whole site testing. Interestingly, while the TCP stack differences were noticeable in individual testing, I found them to be inconsequential in the whole site testing. This is mostly because the TCP connection is reused, not closed each time, so I found that difference had little effect overall. Below is the speed differences from a few tests:

Kansas City, MO - IE8 - DSL

Load Time: 2.852 seconds
First Byte: 0.334 seconds

Load Time: 2.280 seconds
First Byte: 0.334 seconds

Load Time Difference: 0.572 seconds in favor of Akamai

San Jose, CA - IE8 - DSL

Load Time: 2.681 seconds
First Byte: 0.354 seconds

Load Time: 2.069 seconds
First Byte: 0.351 seconds

Load Time Difference: 0.612 seconds in favor of Akamai

Montreal, Canada - IE8 - DSL

Load Time: 2.945 seconds
First Byte: 0.293 seconds

Load Time: 2.903 seconds
First Byte: 0.329 seconds

Load Time Difference: 0.042 seconds in favor of Akamai. The difference here is small, but the start render time is 0.204 seconds faster on the Akamai test, though it is hard to tell if this improvement is because of Akamai or not.

I'm still testing, i'll keep everyone updated.

Edit: Ignore the cache static content rating, for testing I have the expiration date set to access+24 hours. Also, there is a small difference between transferred bytes, I think this is Akamai serving the css and js files with slightly better compression.
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