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Akamai Versus NetDNA/MaxCDN
10-13-2011, 02:15 AM
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RE: Akamai Versus NetDNA/MaxCDN
Yes, that would make sense. I'm going to contact Akamai and see if there is something they can do to improve performance for larger files, perhaps just have certain rules apply to a single host name of theirs and use the current host name i have for everything else. The CDN will mostly be used for product thumbnails and js/css files, so almost all of those should be within the smaller file range.
I am investigating Akamai due to issues with MaxCDN. One i posted here before, was that a certain data center was performing badly. However, i also got annoyed with the fact that their New York data center was being hit by a DDOS attack... this caused our customers in the range of that data center to have timing out css and such. I personally feel a CDN should be more immune to a DDOS attack.
However, MaxCDN has one main thing going for it, price. I had Akamai put in an escape clause that gives me time to test to see if Akamai's larger price is truly worth it. Though, it's not just performance to take into consideration, but availability. We lose quite a bit of money when the CDN performance is sketchy, which reflects badly on us.
I'll keep everyone here updated as i continue to test.
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