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WPT Public Instance - first view: test data missing
07-09-2019, 09:36 PM (This post was last modified: 07-11-2019 03:20 PM by sakthivel.vaithilingam.)
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WPT Public Instance - first view: test data missing

I am getting first view: test data missing error in results while the repeat view results are fine.
The above issue observed in Public instance while in private instance results in firstview and repeat view is fine.

Please refer report

Please help.

Script for your reference
logData 0
execAndWait document.querySelector('#watOneWay > label').click();document.getElementById('reservationFlightSearchForm.originAirpo​rt').value="JFK";document.getElementById('reservationFlightSearchForm.destinationAirport').value​="YTO";document.getElementById('aa-leavingOn').value="09/30/2019";
setTimeout 50000
setActivityTimeout 15000
execAndWait var dispatchMouseEvent = function(target, var_args) {var e = document.createEvent("MouseEvents");e.initMouseEvent.apply(e,, 1));target.dispatchEvent(e);};element1=document.getElementById('flightSearchForm​.button.reSubmit');dispatchMouseEvent(element1, 'click', true, true);dispatchMouseEvent(element1, 'mousedown', true, true);
logData 1
setTimeout 50000
setActivityTimeout 15000
execAndWait var dispatchMouseEvent1 = function(target, var_args) {var e = document.createEvent("MouseEvents");e.initMouseEvent.apply(e,, 1));target.dispatchEvent(e);};element2=document.querySelector('#slice0Flight1Mai​nCabin');dispatchMouseEvent1(element2, 'click', true, true);dispatchMouseEvent1(element2, 'mousedown', true, true);

Thanks and Regards,
Sakthivel Raja V
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