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TTFTB slow
05-11-2017, 04:25 AM
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RE: TTFTB slow
(05-11-2017 02:21 AM)dfavor Wrote:  Best approach to all site tooling, including CDNs, is to understand what problem a specific technology tends to address.

If you think about CDNs + the entire "Edge Server Proposition", all an "Edge Server" can possibly do is to reduce the latency of connections.

If you're using HTTP2, then all assets multiplex over HTTP2, if the HTTP2 config is correct + Keepalive is enabled + working correctly. WPT has a special report card slot just for Keepalive, which is a good indicator Keepalive is working.

This means all you can possibly save is a few milliseconds of time for each of the 5 connections a browser makes (all major browsers currently use 5 threads/connections).

This only applies to first visit.

Subsequent visits, for correctly tooled sites, will only serve the HTML component, as all other assets should be cached from first visit (.css + .js + common images). If there are other assets, then you might have the same few milliseconds saved for each of your other 4 connections.

Considering the headaches CDNs cause (your view + visitors views tend to differ), CDNs tend to be a debugging nightmare.

Especially, when you have high traffic + the CDN slows down or glitches out... and they do... a lot of the time.

Problem is trying to debug CDN related issues, when conversions drop or zero out for no apparent reason.

Better than using a CDN, better to tune your LAMP stack till your site is blazing fast.

When I take on new clients, one of the first activities I go through is removing all cruft - CDN + Proxy (NGINX, Varnish, Squid, etc.) + load balancers + DOS/DDOS hardware mitigators.

All this can be done far better at the LAMP level. Better meaning, setups are stable + can be debugged by mere mortals which conversions circle the drain.

I understand that HTTP/2 removes allot of RTT latency with multiplexing but while multiple assets can be send and received over the same connection the download time (traveling distance) will still play a (little) roll here I think.

But you are absolutely right that using a CDN isn't solving the whole problem and not having one isn't the biggest problem for slow sites by far. And for smalls, local sites probably not necessary. LAMP, good caching (headers), good coding, etc... will gain much more profit.

PS: I'm not trying to argue just just for the sake of it, just think it's an interesting discussion Smile
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