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Very slow start
12-03-2015, 06:31 AM
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RE: Very slow start
(11-28-2015 10:11 AM)GreenGecko Wrote: ( Dulles and New York aren't too far apart are they? )

There are 2 things to look at.

1. Infrastructure. The 3 second TTFB identifies there's a problem with this. As well as identifying what the problem is ( database, php and / or web server ), you probably just want to throw loads of cache at everything, especially the database and ensure PHP is using an opcode cache.

2. Size. At 2.5MB the front page is a bit porky. Looking at the 'cable' connection results above, there are 110+ files as well, and every one of these incurs a latency overhead that just adds up. A pretty high one at 100ms too! You're just talking about the laws of Physics here, so nothing really mystical here.

Once you've got that running well, add in a front end cache - WordPress has plenty to choose from. You can use these not only to cache stuff, but to combine resources like css and js files, which ( they don't always just work mind! ) will lower the file count, and so reduce the wasted time just going back and forth to the site.

If you get really adventurous, you might want to look at enabling SPDY or HTTP2 on your side, which changes the way in which the browser connections are used, and for the better! Also, you could do with improving your https: configuration... is a great resource to help you there.

Thank you so much.
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