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Embedded Youtube vids - weird, large Content Download bars
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Embedded Youtube vids - weird, large Content Download bars
08-16-2010, 08:46 PM (This post was last modified: 08-16-2010 09:23 PM by aaronpeters.)
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Embedded Youtube vids - weird, large Content Download bars
hi Pat,

check out
It's a page on a travel site with info about a rental house.
Scroll down and you see the 2 embedded Youtube vids. Nothing special, you see this all the time on websites.

I ran the page 3 times through WPT - IE7 from location Amsterdam - , results here:

See the huge blue bars in the First View waterfall charts? Content download time is high for both YT objects. The response header specifies the Content-Length and that's about 1 KB. And, Bytes In (downloaded) is 1.5 KB.
Clearly - and this makes sense - this is just the video *player*, not the actual video. Further down in the waterfall there are two objects served from which are Youtube SWF files. These are ~140 KB and show normal Content Download times.

So, I don't understand the long blue bars for those first objects.
I did some investigation and tried to find out why this is.

1) Is the Amsterdam location behaving weird?
Answer: No.
View Paris (IE7) location test results here:
The Content Download times are very high here too.

2) Is it an IE7 thing?
Answer: No.
View Dulles IE8 results here:
Blue bars are not was long but they are still longer than expected (maybe because Dulles is better served by YT CDN than the poor little servers in Europe ;-) )

2) Is it a thing (versus IE locally)?
Answer: I think so.

I visited the same page on with my local IE7 on Vista and used Pagetest to see what's happening.
The waterfall showed no weird long blue bars. They were all normal. The response headers were normal too and similar to those on the tests.

Note: in the Amsterdam, Paris and Dulles test result you can see the high CPU utilization at the time of the 'long blue bars'...
More info:

I actually did the tests from Amsterdam twice and only posted the link for the 2nd batch in the first post in this thread.
So here's the link to the 1st batch:

The first test in the first batch does *not* show the long blue bars !
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