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Time to first bite toooooo loooongggg
06-20-2010, 10:01 AM
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RE: Time to first bite toooooo loooongggg
I'd say it would be an accurate guess that the majority of that time is due to the database. Not sure how much experience you have, but it would be best to log the queries (or if whatever dbms you're using can log the slow queries) used by the app, then try to optimize the tables and fields used within the "where" clause. Usually this means proper indexing (can help performance quite a bit), but you can even go further and change the table types for improved performance. For example in mysql the MyISAM only offers full table locking for any update operations, which if you're writing to the database all the time can cause a major bottleneck, so you can change it to another table type like InnoDB which offers row level locking. Or if you table contents is temporary in nature you may get away with a memory table type...etc.
In my opinion, while caching is most definitely a good thing, it is like putting a band aid over a gaping wound in a case like this.
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