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Is WPTDriver needed for for wptagent in windows?
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Is WPTDriver needed for for wptagent in windows?
05-11-2020, 04:32 AM
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Is WPTDriver needed for for wptagent in windows?
Hi there

So I am very confused as to how to setup local locations in a windows machine using the wpt-agent.

In the localhost/install the main and only error I get so far is Test Location

[Image: RjUvUnr.png]

This is what I have working:
1) Setup WAMP and replaced the www file with the one from the privateinstance zip file
2) I have installed all the dependencies vs, python, php etc dependancies
3) I converted the sample connections, settings and locations ini files to proper ini files
4) I had the PUBLIC location to Dulles working when i added my api key to it, but since I only want local(OFFICE) chrome I removed it

I noticed in the locations.ini file it mentioned in the comments that for local chrome i needed to update the wptdriver.ini file

But that was no-where in the wpt-agent private instance zip.

Do I really need wptdriver to make this work?
and if so, where would I put the file and how would I configure it?

I am sorry, if what I am asking maybe simple and common sense to most here, but I was unable to figure this out after putting nearly 30 hours into this, and looking through the docs and google.
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