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TTFTB slow
05-05-2017, 02:26 AM
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RE: TTFTB slow - asset #1 is a bit long serving, at nearly 2 secs.

And this is still very fast compared with most client sites I work on. - shows how fast asset #1 on a site I host.

1) Removing files will help some + won't effect time to serve asset #1.

Since first visit is slow to serve asset #1 + subsequent visits are fast, this suggests...

Your WordPress caching may or may not be working, you'll have to test this + see.

Same with your PHP Opcache. You'll have to test to ensure it's working correctly + has enough memory to work in all cases.

2) Your hosting provider has Keep Alive turned off, so request they fix this.

If they say no, switch hosting. You can Google why Keep Alive is essential.

3) If your WordPress + PHP caching is correct, then next tuning will target Apache + MySQL/MariaDB.

Since your site appears to be a virtual site running with many other sites, this means your site speed + stability (able to serve fast under load) will be effected by other sites on this machine.

If your site's generating small profits, just leave it as is.

If your site's generating large profits, switch to WordPress optimized hosting.

4) Get rid of all references.

CDNs tend to slow down well tuned sites.

In this case, maxcdn is serving assets very slowly.

Look at time required to serve asset #3 off maxcdn - 500ms (so 1/2 a second).

Look at time required to serve the same file off one of my servers... I just copied this file from maxcdn to one of my servers for a quick speed test. show difference.

So maxcdn == 500ms.

My server == 236ms.

If you run this time reduction across all your assets, you can see moving to Hosting tuned for WordPress sites will make a huge difference.

And keep in mind, when you're serving static files like the .css file I chose you're really testing how Linux Filesystem tuning, rather than anything to do with WordPress.

If underlying Linux Filesystem tuning is slow, then all assets will tend to serve slow.

Like help speeding up your site? Skype me @ ID davidfavor for a quote. Be sure to include your site name in your Skype Add Contact request.
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