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How to breakpoint and debug the wpthook
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How to breakpoint and debug the wpthook
01-17-2017, 05:08 PM
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How to breakpoint and debug the wpthook
Hi Patrick
I installed the WPT Private Instances and it is helpful for us to improve the page performance. Now we have some customize requirements(e.g. show the DNS Lookup or Initial Connection time in the result table of summary or details page for the base page url) so I setup the DEV environment to debug the WPT Agent first.
When i set the breakpoint in WPTDriver, it will pause at the breakpoint and i can check the parameters and values.
But when i set the breakpoint in WPTHook(e.g. void Results::SavePageData in and then start a test but it won't pause at the breakpoint. And then i add some customize code (check the snapshot to see if it is effictive. Then i check the result file in 1_IEWPG.txt.gz file (check the snapshot IEWPG.png), it shows it is effectively for the customize code.
The result file shows the full path of the application(browser) which is injected the DLL(wpthook.dll) file. Then i tried to set the full path of the browser exe file in wpthook project Property>Configurations Properties>Debugging>Command field and "Yes" for Attach field. But it is still can't pause at the breakpoint.
I use Webpagetest 2.19 and the Visual Studio 2013. I am a new recruit, please help me about how can i debug and set the breakpoint in wpthook.
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How to breakpoint and debug the wpthook - Tom Qi - 01-17-2017 05:08 PM

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