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Nodejs on Ubuntu
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Nodejs on Ubuntu
06-24-2015, 07:55 AM
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Nodejs on Ubuntu
Has anyone had any luck with getting this running? I've got the agent running and getting jobs from the server but the test just reports:

The test completed but there were no successful results.

The output on the agent node indicates a few errors, I think the below is probably the first showstopper but have attached the full output. Any input on this at all is greatly appreciated:

D Jun_23_14:27:39.966 browser_base.js:141 createBrowser : Creating browser browser_local_chrome.BrowserLocalChrome
I Jun_23_14:27:39.974 browser_local_chrome.js:53 new BrowserLocalChrome : BrowserLocalChrome(/root/speed/agent/js/lib/webdriver/chromedriver/Linux x86_64/chromedriver-2.4, undefined)
I Jun_23_14:27:40.038 process_utils.js:365 unknown : Spawning: chrome --disable-fre --enable-benchmarking --metrics-recording-only '-remote-debugging-port=1234'
E Jun_23_14:27:40.048 wd_server.js:987 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : Top-level process uncaught exception: spawn ENOENT
W Jun_23_14:27:40.053 process_utils.js:371 Socket.<anonymous> : chrome STDERR: execvp(): No such file or directory
E Jun_23_14:27:40.059 wd_server.js:195 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : Exception from "Run test": Error: spawn ENOENT
D Jun_23_14:27:40.060 wd_server.js:196 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : Error: spawn ENOENT
at errnoException (child_process.js:988:11)
at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (child_process.js:779:34)

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