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I am close to Perfect A (What can i do Better ?)
12-09-2013, 12:39 AM (This post was last modified: 12-09-2013 01:26 AM by
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RE: I am close to Perfect A (What can i do Better ?)
(11-24-2013 04:07 AM)Dagalidis Wrote:  What can I do more to get a Perfect A ?

98-99% is a good goal.

I my opinion I think the grading penalty for not using progressive jpegs is weighed too heavily. while I have not yet tested my theory, it appears progressive jpegs improve the First Paint time but increase Document Complete or Fully Loaded.

The JS hosted on your site is not cached with max-age. Not a real issue as your expiration dates are far future. I prefer max-age because W3C states it takes precedence over expiration date. Implementing both would be best.

If you intend to have your site render on a mobile device you need to reduce HTTP requests.

Most of what needs to be done requires a a good working knowledge of PHP and CSS. Most of this work must be done in the Word Press content/themes PHP routines.

There is one place that will reap big payoff would be to eliminate any unused Background images in the CSS.

I assume the reason you have so many requests is due to background images in the CSS links.
Almost all the 16x16 images on this page could go into one sprite image.

There may be some problems in some Browsers with using tables and Background Image Sprites.
I would use <button> elements to make a simple table replacement. I like the <button> over <div> in many places because it defaults to both inline and block display attributes eliminating the need to use the widely unsupported display:inline-block. Replace the <td> with <button> and use a <br> in place of </tr> and remove the <tr>.

See the GTmetrix Page Speed implementation. It lists by priority all that is necessary to get an 100%. Although many times getting to 100% from 99% is just not worth the effort.

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