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Current list of locations and browsers - where? - dradicke - 03-12-2019 09:42 PM

Could somebody please point me to a current list with the active locations+browsers+connection speeds for API-settings?

Especially important: the mobile locations and mobile browsers.
I have found: value": "Dulles_iPhone5c:iPhone 5c iOS 9.LTE
But I could not find Android browser specs...

Before you say "awww... why donĀ“t you search already?"---- I did search on wpt.org and the forum for 30min now, but I cannot find the list with those combinations...
Sorry, if I overlooked something totally obvious Cool

RE: Current list of locations and browsers - where? - pmeenan - 03-12-2019 11:30 PM

This should give you all of the locations that are available through the API: https://www.webpagetest.org/getLocations.php?f=html&k=A

The only physical mobile devices available through the API are the Moto G (gen 1) and Moth G4.

All of the locations have Chrome, Firefox and Opera (and I believe all also have the beta and dev versions of both). The Thinkpad and Dulles locations have IE 11 and Edge available as well.

All locations have all of the connectivity options available since the connectivity is traffic-shaped with netem, dummynet or winshaper depending on the device. No location is on actual consumer connectivity.